6ABC: Breakingnews – Coca Cola


Every Monday (6C) and Tuesday (6AB) we will read a news article from breakingnewsenglish.com. You will have the opportunity to choose skills and activities to practice. Every second week we do a short comprehension test.

WEEK 12-13: Coca-Cola tests a paper bottle

1.) Read the article. Difficult words? Check them out, and take notes.
2.) Listen to the text (choose speed and AmE or BrE). Practice to read aloud.
3.) Translate by “pratöversätta”.
4.) Answer questions.
5.) Make a short summary.



Choose an activity or two (printed):
– Gap fill.
– Spelling.
– Vocabulary matching.
– Listen and fill in the gaps.

Choose an activity or two (creative):
– Write a summary and record it, as if this is latest news on world wide television.
– Re-write the text and make it “tasty”, add images and extra information.
– Make a poster with a picture and some describing text.
– Google this news. Any more information?
– Practice a read aloud.
– Make a Word list, and extend it.
– Design your own “paper bottle” and make a presentation.
– Make a list with plastic things that you use.
– Make a positive/negative list.

ASSIGNMENT: Comprehension test (coming up!)

Images from cocacola.com, breakingnewsenglish.com and bbc.com.

Extra:Introducing our first paper bottle prototype” (cocacola.com) “Coca-Cola company trials first paper bottle” (abc.com)