6ABC – English Lesson Friday


Today we are watching Episode 9: “Mazeathon” together in class. But before that, let’s talk about Episode 8: Survival of the Fittest. What does the title mean? What do you remember? Make a summary.

Watch Episode 9: Mazeathon
Take short notes in your notebook.

Group discussions:
How many days have they been on the island?
What is the plan with the raft?
Why are Cody and Nathan arguing?
What is a “Mazeathon”?
How are they all going to get rescued?
How can you send a message from the island? Com up with 5 ideas!

  • Tell everyone in your group:
    Something I like…
    Something I dislike
    I have a question…
    Well I do a connection to…

Quizlet: Flight 29 Down Episode 1-5.