6ABC – Writing

It’s time to practice our writing skills!

Choose one of the topics below and write a text.
Write as much as you can. Use English all the time.

  • “A Place I like”
  • “Feelings”
  • “Friends”

How to get started, before writing:
1.) Read the instruction – and follow it!
2.) Make a writing plan, a list with your first thoughts and useful words and expressions.
Start writing:
3.) Introduction/Opening. Connect to your reader and the topic.
4.) Story/Body. Add “volyme” to your text. Make it “deeper” and “wider”. Tell more!
5.) Ending/Closing. Write your final part of the text. “Close it”, like a door.
After writing, how to improve and expand your text:
6.) Read your text. Make corrections and add missing text. There is always something more to express, a character, an incident, a surrounding etc.
7.) EXTRA. Circle 10 characteristic words in your text. Write a title at the top. Check your spelling.

Fredag 23/4 – PROV

Vi avslutar arbetet med “Flight 29 Down” med en skrivuppgift. Uppgiften är formulerad som en av uppgifterna ovan. Du får ta med dig pappret med provuppgiften vid provtillfället. Det är ok att göra egna enkla anteckningar på pappret, inga hela texter.

Du har 50 minuter på dig att skriva och du skriver på din iPad eller dator i programmet DigiExam.