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English – The Magic Finger

“The Magic Finger”,
by Roald Dahl.

Let’s read “The Magic Finger” and discuss what it’s all about.

Each student will get a copy of the book. Some students get a photo copy to take notes.

You can listen to the audio book on Youtube
<TMF Part 1>
<TMF Part 2>
<TMF Part 3>.



Week 34-36
Read page: 1-16
Verbs: help, walk, hunt, be, see, run, own, laugh, carry, play, say, put, go, talk, turn, begin, kill, tell.

  1. What do we know about the Gregg family?
  2. Is it ok to hunt animals?
  3. What happened to Mrs. Winter?
  4. What is “the magic finger”?
  5. What is wrong with the four wild ducks?


Week 37-38
Read page: 17-35
Verbs: sleep, look, have, take, do, fly, love, find, start, hear, sit, get.

  1. What happened to the Gregg family the next day?
  2. Who is in the garden?
  3. The Gregg family is building a nest. What is that?
  4. What does the Gregg family eat?
  5. What happens inside their house?

Week 39-40
Read page: 36-57
Verbs: come, give, live, stand, write, cut (+ week 40).

  1. The ducks are pointing at the Gregg family with guns. Why?
  2. Mr. Gregg promise not to use his gun again. What happens to the family when they leave the nest?
  3. What happened with the guns?
  4. What is Mrs. Gregg and the two boys doing in the garden?
  5. Suddenly they all heard a “BANG!”. What happened? And what did the girl do?


“Verbtallrikar”, a Swedish expression. 
My students get paper plates with verbs on. WALK, on one side, and WALK/WALKED/WALKED (gå/gick/gått) on the other side. They practice in pairs. And at the end of the lesson I bring all the plates to the door. On the way out they all get a plate.